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Are you interested in having me photograph your birth experience? Let’s get all the pesky details out of the way.

birth details


First, if you haven’t done so, please fill out my details questionnaire. Just click the black ‘questionnaire’ button to the right.


Next, if we’ve already got to chat, and I’m accepting birth clients for your Estimated Due Date, you’ll need to fill out and sign this contract. The completed form will be emailed to you, which I can then forward to you for your records. Again, click the black ‘contract’ link to the right.


Lastly, please pay your booking fee. Cash or check is available at no additional charge, or I can send you a square invoice and you can pay with a credit card for an additional 3.5% fee.



And while you’re here, i’ve compiled some birth photography FAQ’s below.


+Why birth photography?

Ask anyone what the most important and memorable days of their lives are, and chances are they will tell you the day they met their significant other, their wedding, and the birth of their children. Its an incredibly beautiful and empowering experience. I want to capture that power and emotion for you, leaving you and your family free to be in the moment, and to have something beautiful to look back on. I know that without photos from the birth of my son, I wouldn't remember certain aspects of it.

+Can't my family/Doula take photos for me?

Sure. But know that births are often a low light, chaotic scenario, and can be very technically challenging to photograph. Most times, a camera on Auto won't cut it. I want to give you beautiful images, and allow your family/doula to be fully present, and focus 100% on you and that beautiful baby that is coming to this world.